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At MTC we believe there are many ways to achieve your full potential.
ButterflyJust as a butterfly goes through a process of several changes (metamorphosis), similarly, we believe individuals go through their own metamorphosis, as they reach for the goals and lives they desire.  Transformation comes as the caterpillar submits to the process and emerges a beautiful butterfly.  We believe people are like this.  We all start as caterpillar’s, functional, but yet deep inside understanding there is more.  More to ourselves, more to our relationships and more to the quality of our lives.  But the “more” only comes as we submit to the process of change.  At MTC we believe change is good, even exciting!  But for change to occur, we need the right tools to create the environment for it to happen.  This is why we offer multiple tools for growth.  So, if this resonates with you, understanding you need change, but also understanding you need some new tools, give us a call.  We’ll be glad to answer any questions and happy to fill you in on the tools we offer.

Some of the tools we offer are:
Evidence based psychotherapy for Mental Health Disorders
Marriage and Family Counseling
Strength based life coaching
Consulting to small businesses
Faith Based Counseling
Hypnotherapy/ NLP

Because we offer multiple tools for change that means you can choose the modality that best suits your needs. Change is possible and moving to the next level in your life personally and professionally is achievable. Regardless of your challenges, MTC Counseling, Coaching and Consulting can help turn your obstacles into opportunities for growth and change.

We have served the greater Orlando area for over 14 years, we have offices in Windermere and Apopka for your convenience.



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