Monte Drenner, LMHC, MCAP

I (Monte) always consider it an honor that people put their trust in me to help them. I have over 30 years of counseling experience helping families, couples and individuals with various addictions and serious mental health issues. My experience working with treatment centers, private practice and faith based counseling organizations can help individuals from all walks of life. My approach to therapy is very solution focused and taps into the individual’s strengths in order to help them with their weaknesses. This process occurs in an environment that is non-judgmental, encouraging, supportive, yet challenging. Your road to change is an exciting journey of self discovery as you renew areas that need strengthening such as your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. I believe that through our work together you can be empowered to transform your life.




Sandy Drenner, ChT, CMS

Several years ago I personally discovered the many benefits of hypnosis and self -hypnosis. The more I worked with self-hypnosis the more I realized how effective it is to make lasting change. I made the decision to pursue hypnotherapy and studied and received certifications in Hypnotherapy, Clinical Support Hypnotherapy, Blissborn (childbirth techniques using hypnosis for comfort) and later added NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming certifications to my offerings.

I passionately believe in the minds ability to change and move forward. I believe it is possible to let go of past traumas, fears and what many call “bad programming.” Programming that holds us back such as the belief “I’m not good enough.”

Due to increased interest in my offerings I developed my own website, This site will give you information as to my offerings and also case studies, and what to expect if you choose hypnosis.






We met in college, fell in love over long distance and were later married. That was 35 years ago. During much of our marriage we have worked side by side. We find we are more creative, more effective when we work together. Along the way we were blessed with 2 beautiful daughters and later 2 amazing son-in-laws. When not working at MTC you can often find us at the beach or traveling. We find renewal and hope when we are at the beach. It reminds us of life’s unlimited possibilities.


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