Addictions Treatment Finder

When you need addictions treatment, finding a treatment center is easy; finding the best one for you can be a time consuming, daunting and even overwhelming task.

Addictions Treatment Finder is a service provided by MTC Counseling designed to minimize the stress of making this very important decision.  Our goal is to provide you a reliable, safe and confidential resource to find an addictions treatment facility in a timely manner that meets your therapy and budget needs.

Addictions Treatment Finder is a “one stop shop” for individuals seeking to locate a reputable and effective addictions treatment facility. One call to us can save you many hours of searching by eliminating multiple calls to multiple treatment facilities that often attempt to “sell” you on services you may or may not require. This one call can help you find the best fit for your specific treatment and financial needs and provide the best financial solution for you.


This best fit for your treatment is recommended to you by our addictions certified staff that has years of experience working in the field of recovery. The treatment recommendations that you will receive will be based upon several factors to include:

  • your age and gender
  • your addiction history and severity
  • your mental health status
  • your insurance coverage
  • your financial resources
  • the geographical area desired
  • the level of treatment needed

Getting Started:

To get started, contact us today for more information.

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