co-therapy-web-pageCo-therapy is traditional psychotherapy otherwise known as “talk therapy” used in conjunction with another type of therapy which, in this case is hypnosis.  Psychotherapy is the interactive process between the clinician and the client to explore the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are problematic at a conscience level.  Solutions to these problems are also explored and discussed at a conscience level.

For some clients, this approach is not sufficient to make the changes they desire.  Some issues are better resolved by incorporating hypnosis, which explores thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are problematic at a deeper subconscious level.  Hypnosis allows the individual to access their deeper subconscious mind to break through obstacles to change and discover creative solutions to problems.  Combining these therapeutic approaches expedites achieving higher levels of functioning.  This approach has proven very effective in helping clients deal with a myriad of psychological and emotional issues.

At MTC Counseling, we provide you therapy options.  You can start with traditional therapy and later decide to use strictly hypnosis.  Some start with hypnosis then realize need for traditional therapy.  Others prefer both therapies in a single session.  If co-therapy is selected, an initial assessment with both Monte and Sandy will occur at the first session.  At that time, all parties will decide which option suites you, the client, best.

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