Monte Drenner of MTC Counseling enjoys sharing insights and life lessons learned with others. The media below are from both his own adventures and from guest appearances on Orlando’s TV 45 and related programs such as The Good Life, Real Talk and Welcome Home.



Spiritual Breakthroughs

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This book is a practical, Bible-based approach to making and sustaining difficult life changes. This book will help anyone who finds himself or herself spiritually stuck. This can happen to all of us as we go through life experiences. You will find the practical help and guidance you need to move forward in your spiritual walk.

The accompanying workbook provides even more Scriptures, insights and practical tools on how to obtain more lasting spiritual growth.

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Spiritual Breakthroughs – Sample



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Welcome Home Orlando TV 45 Good Life TV 45 Orlando Real Talk TV 45 Orlando


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When Is Love Not Enough In A Relationship?

When is Love Not Enough



Managing Negative Emotions

Barbara Beck recently interviewed Monte Drenner on her show, The Good Life. The Good Life 45 provides Christian and Family-Friendly television programming for the Central Florida Area.

Monte and Barbara discuss ways to manage Depression, Anxiety, Stress and other negative emotions during the holidays and beyond. They also talk about the difference between religion and spirituality.



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