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Hypnosis is the safe, 100% natural way to enjoy a relaxed and calm birth. Studies have shown that it shortens labor and reduces pain, too.

Blissborn teaches a highly effective way to use self-hypnosis to stay calm, release fear, control sensations and create a satisfying experience. Each two-hour class features activities, hypnosis, discussion, special training for birth partners, a practice CD and a manual. Each class builds on the last. This class is intended for couples in their third trimester. Private and group classes offered. Bring your partner, a pillow and water to each class. Birth professionals can attend as guests at no charge.

Homework, CDs and independent self-hypnosis practice take 30-40 minutes/day, and this homework is fun! Those who practice daily have the best results.

“Using Blissborn for our birth experience was one of the best decisions we ever made… the sense of calm brought about from using hypnosis was irreplaceable. As the laboring mother, I felt in control of the entire birthing process. My birth experience was quick, interesting, and virtually painless – so much so that I can’t wait to do it again.”
– Mindy & Craig

Class 1: Discovering Self-Hypnosis

Learn the secret to profound relaxation that offers no resistance to labor, and how to re-activate it instantly with a simple prompt. Experience the power of visualization.

Class 2: Practical Skills for Mom & Partner

Moms need lots of support in labor! Partners become hypnosis coaches and learn about what REALLY helps moms. Practice staying in hypnosis while walking and opening your eyes. Overview of birth anatomy, terminology and phases of labor.

“I had the labor and birth of my dreams… K.’s birth was the most beautiful, perfect, incredible experience of my life. So far, the only thing that compares to it is the experience of being K.’s mother. Thank you for all the knowledge you shared with us in the classes.”
– Marguerite

Class 3: Birth Without Fear

Fear is a message from the deeper mind. Learn to identify the fears that could derail an otherwise perfect birth, and transform them into calm and confidence.

Class 4: Tame Labor Pain with your Brain

Learn the secrets of the mind that have allowed people for thousands of years to reduce sensations in their bodies and suffering in their minds. Practice different ways to control sensations in hypnosis.

“I was so calm and relaxed… The midwife, nurses and doctors were so amazed and asked me so many questions… Using hypnosis was truly an amazing experience.”
– Nina

Class 5: Putting it all Together

Put together all the skills and info from the first four classes so you’ll feel confident and excited about your birth. Birth plans, labor positions and pushing phase suggestions. Partners practice their ‘duties’ and special hypnosis techniques. Look beyond birth to your plans for the baby. Learn how to use hypnosis to speed healing, jump-start breastfeeding and get by on less sleep. In hypnosis, create the blueprint for the labor and birth you desire.

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