intervention counselor orlando flMost people are aware of the term “intervention,” but due to media influence may misunderstand the process. An intervention is a very powerful tool used to help someone you love get the treatment they desperately need to address their issue, which can include drug and alcohol abuse or a mental health issue.

Simply stated, an intervention is a planned and rehearsed meeting usually by several family members and friends to move someone to seek professional help to address their problem.  Much of the success of an intervention is dependent upon the skill of the counselor, the ability of those participating to communicate their concerns about the individual, and the individual’s willingness to get help.  Crucial to the success of an intervention is trust in the counselor’s skill and wisdom to conduct the intervention and to prepare participants.

Interventions can take place at the families’ home or another location.  If you have a loved one trapped in a debilitating situation, or you have questions to decide if this is the right service for your situation, a free consultation is available.  Contact us for more information.