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When people think of consultants sometimes they think only of sales and revenue. Although these areas are vital and critical, we believe that the relationships and synergy of your team is the beginning of successful sales and revenue. Your individual team members may be proficient in their own right. However, if they lack the ability to communicate effectively, problem solve and move forward with other team members, you will eventually find your company plateauing or even moving into negative growth.

At MTC we specialize in helping small business’, private schools, not for profit organizations and churches create a healthy, productive, positive work environment. Some of the tools we utilize are identifying and giving conflict resolution and communication tools based on individual personality types, identifying if there is an underlying mental health issue such as depression/grief, substance abuse, anger management issues and more. Developing a personalized treatment plan for your individual team members, implementing new processes for your team. Giving you, the business owner a comprehensive report and plan so that you can track progress.

At MTC we believe in people and their tremendous ability to change and grow and we believe in companies and their ability to move to the next level. If you know your business model is a great one, but you are not where you want to be, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions for you to have ease of mind that this is the right decision for your company and team.


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