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A More Fulfilling Life

2014-03-31 10:30:48 testimonials

A few months back I was on this page, contemplating whether or not I would schedule a session. After reading through some of the testimonials, I finally caved and decided to go for it. On the way to my first session, I’m sure the sight was quite comical, someone in their mid 20s arms crossed and pouting. I’m really glad I made the decision to go because hypnotherapy has changed my life for the better. I’ve dealt with what I consider depersonalization disorder most of my life and there isn’t much hope out there for overcoming it. Most recommended treatments include a regimen of prescription meds, which is a path I refuse to walk down.

Sandy Drenner was confident that I could accomplish my goals and gave me hope of living a more fulfilling life. She has a keen ability to think out side of the box and tailored therapies to best suit my needs. Now, I am very engaged in life, feeling the good feelings and the challenging! When determining whose hands you put the care of your mind into, it is important to find the right person, I can assure you Sandy is that person.

– J from Cocoa, FL

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2014-03-28 13:07:18 testimonials

Co-Therapy counseling with Monte and Sandy has been life changing.  Monte and Sandy’s approach to the death of my daughter as well as my divorce, helped move me from a state of utter confusion, depression and hopelessness to a forward thinking, innovative and hope-filled person again.  The unique and powerful perspectives held by each, helped shed light into areas of my life that demanded relief and progression.  I am forever grateful for their teamwork efforts in my healing and recovery!  I could not have moved from “stuck” to “free” without Sandy, Monte and Co-Therapy counseling!

– N.M., Orlando

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Goal Fulfillment

2014-03-28 13:00:20 testimonials

When I visited Monte, I was already on my journey toward recovery of self worth and the fulfillment of my utmost career goal: to finish my doctorate.

But, I saw myself at a crossroad: either abandon my goal or pursue it to the end.  Monte made a thorough inventory of both my strengths and points for improvements.  I became stronger with his counsel as we worked through our list.  Then, Monte suggested I worked with his loving partner and hypnotherapist, Sandy.  When I worked with Monte and Sandy together as a team, they became the most powerful tool toward fulfillment and healing: the perfect combination of reality checks and delving into the depth of my body-mind and spirit.

I finished my degree and continue to work with them to ensure sustained growth into my better self.

– Anonymous

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Transformed Life

2011-12-29 07:46:38 testimonials

Monte and Sandy Drenner have been amazing and influential in leading me to a transformed life. I have known them for 15 years and have seen their wisdom, love, dedication and perseverance help many people through challenging times. Any decision to partner with them in a new life beginning is certainly an inspired one!
– CMH, Charleston, SC

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Regression Therapy (Overcoming Emotional Issues)

2011-12-29 07:44:17 testimonials

I had the opportunity to work with Sandy Drenner while in Santa Fe, N.M., and had the best experience! Sandy has a true affinity for hypnotherapy that just comes naturally. What Sandy was able to do for me in just 90 minutes was life changing. She helped me identify and clear an issue that, consciously, I was unaware was having a deep and negative impact on all aspects of my life (for 30 years)! After my session with Sandy I felt so much lighter and in tune with myself and loved ones. She truly gave me a gift that was priceless. I was so excited to return home and experience my family in a way I always knew I should have but was never quite able to previously. I would gladly send anyone I know and love to Sandy for hypnotherapy. She truly has a gift and a love for what she does.
– LAW, Maui

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